Café de Mort

In 2013, 120 daring diners signed up for a night of deadly delights at a pop-up new restaurant in London.

Café de Mort opened its doors two nights only on Tuesday 26 and Wednesday 27 February. Based in an old church crypt in Holborn in central London, all diners were required to sign a waiver before taking on the six course menu of deadly delicacies.

Launched by television presenter and food expert Gregg Wallace, Café de Mort was almost fully booked, with charity supporters and members of the public travelling from across the UK for a taste of its killer cuisine.

Diners at Café de Mort enjoyed a menu of dangerous dishes which are potentially lethal if not prepared or cooked properly.

Guests were served the perilous Fugu or ‘Pufferfish’, flown in from Japan, which contains lethal levels if Tetrodotoxin which there is no known antidote for. They also tucked into Ghost Chilli, the world’s hottest chilli, two dishes containing Hydrogen Cyanide and rounded off their night with a trio of potential toxins – Aflatoxin, Theobromine and Myristicin skilfully presented in the Peanut, Cacao and Nutmeg Sweetmeats dessert.

Remember A Charity hoped that diners would be reminded of the unpredictability of life and the importance of taking care of friends, family and the causes they hold dear.

After all, nobody knows the importance of having a Will more than someone who could be about to eat their last meal.


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