Support for Remember A Charity Week

The 2016 Remember A Charity Week #MyWisdom campaign saw an unprecedented amount of support from our partners, helping the campaign to gather real momentum.

Remember A Charity’s long-term strategic partner Co-op Legal Services promoted the Week and engaged the British public in charitable Will-writing. The Week was also supported by Giving Tuesday.

For the first time the Ministry of Justice announced their support. Minister for Civil Society Rob Wilson as well as HM Treasury endorsed the campaign.

Leeds, Newcastle, Cambridge and Dudley Building Societies joined the campaign, helping reach new audiences whilst promoting the importance of planning long term affairs. Remember A Charity Week also saw support from other corporate organisations such as Golden Charter and McGinley Human Resources.

We would like to thank our partners for helping to make this year’s Remember A Charity Week our most successful yet. Without their support, we would not be able to achieve this.

Find out more about how our partners and other organisations supported the Week below.

If you are interested in finding about working together and supporting Remember A Charity Week, please email Marta, head of development, or call on on 020 7840 1036.

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  • Co-op Legal Services

    Long-term strategic partner Co-op Legal Services promoted the Week online and with customers, engaging the British public in charitable Will-writing.

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  • HM Treasury

    HM Treasury endorsed the campaign on social media with messaging about the inheritance tax benefits of gifts in Wills.

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  • Ministry of Justice

    For the first time, The Ministry of Justice promoted Remember A Charity Week by posting on social media.

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  • Institute of Fundraising

    The Institute of Fundraising made lots of noise online in support of the Week.

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  • Giving Tuesday

    The Giving Tuesday campaign promoted the Week as well as charitable giving across their digital channels.

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  • Baites Wells & Braithwaite

    The London law firm hosted a legacy training event for those who are new to the area, or those who would like a refresher.

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  • Golden Charter

    Golden Charter spread the word on their website and social media, encouraging the public to consider what they can pass on to future generations.

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  • The Cambridge Building Society

    The Cambridge Building Society promoted the campaign via their website and social media channels.

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  • Leeds Building Society

    Leeds Building Society used digital channels to promote the campaign, helping us to reach a wider audience.

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  • Dudley Building Society

    Dudley Building Society supported the campaign on social media and their website.

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  • McGinley HR

    McGinley HR got involved via their online channels and promoted charitable giving.

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