• May 2017

  • The private philanthropists

    When we think back to last year, the legacy of 2016 will at a mere mention remind us how many well-known, creative names we have lost. And though we have a right to feel robbed of these treasures, perhaps we should try to shift our focus and look instead at the legacy of these talented […]

  • My gift to The Wildlife Trusts

    Moira Robinson tells us what inspired her to leave a gift in her Will to The Wildlife Trusts, having supported the charity for a number of years. Why did you first start supporting the charity? When my husband and I had our two sons, now in their 30s, we were living in an area within […]

  • April 2017

  • How should we measure legacy success?

    Allan Freeman gives his top five tips for measuring success in legacy fundraising.  Measurement and analysis is interesting and sexy to some, whilst others see it as dull and lacking in creativity. The truth is, it doesn’t really matter which perspective you take. The reality is that measuring legacy marketing is fundamental for legacies to […]

  • A principle worth defending

    Chris Millward, chief executive at the Institute of Legacy Management, discusses why the Supreme Court’s recent ruling on Ilott v Blue Cross and others is important to us all. Exercising her testamentary right to freely dispose of her assets, in 2004 Melita Jackson died leaving her entire estate to charity. Conscious of events of the […]

  • Which words have the most influence in legacy marketing?

    Words matter.  Several popular internet memes highlight humorous results when English signs in non-English speaking locations almost get the message right.  One sign warns customers, “shoplifters will be shot 100 times the value of the stolen item.” Another instructs those using a computer port to, “please insert furiously.”  Aside from these humorous miscommunications, words can […]

  • March 2017

  • Let’s SWOT

    My brain is having a bit of a problem. It is lacking clarity of focus. This is not due to ageing (yet!), alcohol, fatigue, boredom, lack of interest or enthusiasm. It is due to the number of issues facing us all in the world of the dead giveaway. I do not want you become depressed. […]

  • When is a million pounds not a million pounds? The new residence nil-rate band

    The inheritance tax rules are changing. From 6 April 2017, there will be a new residence nil-rate band (RNRB), but not every estate will be able to claim it, so it is worth finding out whether it will apply to you. The Office for Budget Responsibility estimated that 45,100 families will have to pay inheritance […]

  • A legacy of hope at Brain Tumour Research

    Two things have struck me since I joined Brain Tumour Research.  First, the vast number of people touched by this cause: brain tumours are indiscriminate and can affect anyone but they kill more children and adults under the age of 40 than any other cancer. And second, the tremendous generosity of our supporters, who give […]

  • Giving young people a future

    I was lucky to have a stable, loving upbringing. My siblings and I received a good education and were supported to have successful careers. But through the charity work my mother did supporting disadvantaged children in East Anglia where I grew up, I saw from a young age that not every young person was as […]

  • February 2017

  • Helping fulfil donors’ final wishes

    Gifts left in Wills raised an incredible £2.54 billion for charities in the UK in 2015.[i] But once these generous donations have been made, what happens to them? Specialist staff within charities ensure that all gifts are dealt with sensitively and professionally and, most importantly, that they have the greatest possible impact on the charity’s […]

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