Campaign Supporter Scheme

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As a solicitor, you know that giving your clients the best advice means everything.

We know that 75% of the British public support a charity during their lifetime. The issue is that only 7.3% think to include their favourite causes in their Will.

Together we can change things.

Our research tells us that more than a third of adults would be willing to include a charity in their Will, after they’ve made provision for family and friends.

All we ask is that you give your clients the full picture, making them aware that giving to charity in their Will in an option.

Sign-up to our campaign supporter scheme.

You can also help by signing-up to our campaign supporter scheme.

It is free to join and by doing so you will be supporting the aims and objectives of Remember A Charity, whilst looking after the best interest of your clients.

Benefits are numerous, and include details of Campaign Supporters displayed on Remember A Charity’s ‘Find an Advisor’ site. This is visited by the Will-writing general public in search of their closest professional advisor.

Thank you for your interest. It is only by working together that we can realise the huge potential to increase legacy income to good causes in the UK.