Bread and Water for Africa UK

Charity Number: 1103138

Legacy Advisor - Jonathan Brinsden

020 7783 3563

50 Broadway, Westminster, London, SW1H 0BL

Bread and Water for Africa UK believe that African people already work hard and take initiative to improve their lives. We work with African grass-roots projects that are founded and managed by community leaders committed to make their communities brighter and who have a vision for a self-sustaining future for their projects. What these visionaries can lack, though, are the resources to help these initiatives succeed long into the future.

Our mission is to strengthen African-run, grass-roots initiatives so that marginalized and under represented groups in Africa have the chance at a life full of hope and opportunity. Our partner projects focus on orphan care, accessible health care, food security, clean water, and education.

Bread and Water for Africa UK also provide guidance and resources to help our partners in Africa ensure the long term sustainability of their community solutions and initiatives.

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