Centre for Mental Health

Charity Number: 1091156

Louis Allwood

020 7717 1558


Office 2D21 South Bank Technopark, 90 London Road, London, SE1 6LN

We’re here until people with mental health problems have a fair chance in life. We change the lives of people with mental health problems by using research to bring about better services and fairer policies and we support local providers to put the findings of research into practice.

The Centre for Mental Health’s qualitative research helps us to understand the experiences of people with mental health problems and the profound importance that services and policies have on their lives. Our work is unique because it stands apart from academic and clinically focused research projects and trials.

Our motivation is to emphasise people’s experiences, facilitate societal change and help those who can to create a world class mental health service.

We have the authority, influence, and independence to successfully bring quality research to bear on local and national decision-making and practice.

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