A-T Society

Charity Number: 1105528

Suzanne Roynon

01582 760733


The A-T Society, Rothamsted, Harpenden, Hertfordshire, AL5 2JQ

Ataxia-Telangiectasia is a devastating genetic condition causing an increasing level of disability.  Children often have to use a wheelchair by the age of 10 years and are completely dependent on parents and carers from then on.  People with A-T have a high risk of developing cancer or lung disease and sadly many children die young.  It is unusual for a person with Classic A-T to reach 25.

The A-T Society is the only organisation in the UK providing information and support to people living with A-T, at every stage from a potential diagnosis to bereavement and beyond. We help them access the services and support they need and offer grants for equipment and respite.We organise events where people can come together with others like them and build knowledge and skills.

We established the world’s first specialist A-T clinic, and our clinical guidance helps ensure that people receive the best care, wherever they are. We also promote and fund medical research to develop new treatments and ultimately a cure. We fund research directly and encourage scientists and clinicians to work together through conferences and the international clinical research network we established.

- The A-T-Society

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