Theodora Children’s Charity

Charity Number: 1094532

Jessica Mann

020 7713 0044

40 Pentonville Road, London, N1 9HF

The mission at the heart of The Theodora Children’s Charity is to contribute to the wellbeing of children in hospitals, hospices and specialist care centres by providing visits from professional performers who have been trained to work in a medical environment.

We all know how difficult a stay in hospital can be, and how distressing it is to suffer from illness. For children, it can be so much worse. They may not fully understand the reason they feel the way they do, or why they are suffering and undergoing tests and procedures, away from home, school, friends and family. The Theodora Children’s Charity aims to provide some relief from this suffering by offering respite, distraction and a change to play, smile and giggle again.

To meet this need the charity trains and funds professional performers called Giggle Doctors to bring magical moments to these brave children experiencing challenging times.

At present the charity reaches out to 30,000 children and their families each year. Our dream is that EVERY sick or disabled child should get the giggles that only a Giggle Doctor can bring.

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