Charity Number: 207812 (England), SCO 40987 (Scotland)

Micky Forster

020 8834 9271 (switchboard: 020 8834 9200)


Hythe House, 200 Shepherds Bush Road, London, W6 7NL

Turn2us believes no-one in the UK should live in poverty.

Making a real difference to the lives of people in poverty has been our mission since 1897 when Elizabeth Finn founded the Distressed Gentlefolk’s Aid Association. Much has changed in 120 years, but Turn2us, as we are now called, remains totally committed fighting UK poverty.

The shocking reality is that in the UK today there are over 13 million people including 3.7 million children living in poverty. Our website and helpline, which provides support for anyone experiencing financial difficulty, were visited by over 5 million people. We also provide direct grants to people from over 120 professions and last year gave aid of £3 million benefiting 4401 people in this way.

Our help can be the difference between coping and not coping, creating space to get back on an even keel; a chance to get well after an unexpected and debilitating illness, to look after a loved one who needs care or train for a new career after redundancy.

Turn2us relies on people who remember us in their Wills to continue to improve lives blighted by poverty. By leaving a gift in your Will you could be giving a lifeline to someone facing a financial crisis.

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