Variety, the Children’s Charity

Charity Number: 209259 (England), SC038505 (Scotland)

Monica Smith

0207 428 8117

Variety House, 93 Bayham Street, London, NW1 0AG

Here at Variety, the Children’s Charity, we have been helping children and young people with disabilities and chronic medical conditions for almost 70 years.

We cannot make children better – what we can do is improve their quality of life, help them achieve their goals and enable them to join in more with family, friends and at school.

We provide:

  • Specialist Sunshine Coaches – enabling children with special needs to participate in trips and activities that help them develop and become part of their community.
  • Wheelchairs – providing more than mobility. The independence is exhilarating and being able to join in with other children boosts self esteem massively.
  • Specialist equipment for chronically sick or disabled children – helping relieve stress and anxiety for both children and parents.
  • Great Days Out – become cherished childhood memories, often described by children with disability or disadvantage as “the best day of my life.”

For every child we help there is another we can’t . Gifts in Wills are absolutely vital to our work And We could not transform as many lives without them. Once your loved ones have been provided for, please consider providing for children who have to struggle every day with illness, disability or disadvantage.

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