Diabetes UK supporter who left a legacy


Gifts in Wills are so important to charities. Here, you can find out how people have helped their invaluable work live on by remembering their favourite causes in their Will.

Chris’ story

“Leaving a Legacy to English Touring Opera is a way for me to invest in the future of a profession that has given me so much pleasure for the last 40 years. You might think that there’s nothing in it for me, but that’s not true. It gives me enormous pleasure to think that, long after I’m gone, my legacy will play an important role in the work ETO does.

To know that there will be performances taking place in the future, with singers taking part who have had my support at some stage in their career, is a wonderfully life-affirming thought.”

Chris Ball, English Touring Opera supporter

Mr Watson’s story

“My reason for supporting the BHF is quite simple, without my quintupal heart bypass in May 1989 (over 25 years ago) I would not be here today. I have never looked back since then due to the skill of the surgeon and the aftercare I received.”

Mr R Watson, British Heart Foundation supporter

Meryl’s story

“I know that gifts in wills are immensely important for WaterAid. It’s always been my choice how much to leave – and I’ve decided what I want to give based around the needs of my family and friends first.

By leaving this gift to WaterAid it’s a way for me to continue doing good after I’m gone. People who don’t have water and sanitation have not chosen that situation so it feels natural for me to help. This gift has made me feel good and I would hope it would make my family feel good too.”

Meryl Knapp, WaterAid supporter

Ms Jancey’s story

“When I was diagnosed with Type 2 diabetes, I was determined to manage it as well as I could. With the help of Diabetes UK I have been able to do so. I decided to leave a gift in my Will to help others with the condition so they can live as normal a life as possible.”

Ms B A Jancey, Diabetes UK supporter

Diana’s Story

“I was inspired to remember the RNLI when writing my will through my association with the Bembridge Isle of Wight Station and their support for my late husband Paul. He was a keen sailor and depended upon them so much, but more recently I have seen for myself the first class service the RNLI perform.

I wanted to leave this gift in memory of Paul and hope it will be used for the training and equipping of new lifeboat teams, which is so vital to the work they do. The trust and respect I have for the charity means that I know the money will be used correctly.

When I told the RNLI I had left them a gift they were immensely grateful. It has also brought me closer to the charity and I have formed a strong, ongoing relationship with them.

I decided to leave a charitable legacy a long time ago and completed the process once I was sure the children had secure futures. When I told my children of my decision they happily accepted and supported my wishes and reasons.

The process of leaving a charitable gift was also very easy. I simply added it when I made a new will.

I’m proud to be leaving a gift to the RNLI and would encourage others to do the same so that the charity can continue its lifesaving work.”

- Diana Alcaraz, supporter and ambassador of the RNLI

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