Who we are

Remember A Charity is a consortium of over 140 charities. Our aim is to do what no single charity has ever been able to achieve on its own – to change the perceptions and perspectives of the nation towards charitable legacies, so that, over time, legacy giving becomes the norm for the many, rather than just the few.

Our work focuses on four key areas:

  • Raising awareness and relevance among the Will-writing public.
  • Making charitable prompting the standard practice among solicitors and Will-writers.
  • Influencing a climate for successful charitable Will-giving by working in partnership with individuals, government and private sector organisations.
  • Helping the charity sector to become more effective at promoting gifts in Will.

Since we were formed in 2000, we have created several campaigns. You can find out more about our recent work by downloading a copy of our latest annual impact report.

Our role is to be the sector’s leading campaign on growing the legacy market, working with members and partners in the legal sector, government and private sector to change behaviour.

By working together we can change the face of charity giving forever.