Campaign Supporter Charter

By signing up to become a campaign supporter, you have agreed to comply with Remember A Charity’s Practitioner Charter. The Charter, which is designed to help further Remember A Charity’s aim of increasing the incidence of gifts in Wills, is as follows:

  • Practitioners will consider all charitable donations in Wills favourably;
  • Practitioners confirm that they understand how to draft an effective charitable gift in a Will and will give balanced advice on the various options for charitable giving in Wills;
  • Practitioners will mention the option of leaving a gift to charity in their Will to clients whose Wills or codicils they are drafting and if appropriate will discuss with clients the different types of gifts that they can leave to charity in their Will. This includes advising on any tax advantages of giving a donation to charity if relevant;
  • Practitioners will be supportive of a client who would like to appoint a charity as their executor (and will check, before drafting the Will, that the charity is able and willing to undertake such a role); and
  • Supervising Practitioners in a firm are either solicitors or qualified will-writing practitioners.