Marketing and PR

As a campaign supporter there are a number of ways you can help us to raise awareness of the importance of legacy giving.

Remember A Charity logo and guidelines

As a campaign supporter, we encourage you to use the campaign supporter logo on your marketing materials, including your website. The use of the logo will demonstrate your support of the campaign and our collective aim to raise awareness of charitable giving in wills.

You may also wish to provide a link from your website to Remember A Charity’s website, where users can find out more about writing a will and including a charitable gift.

You can download a copy of our Campaign Supporter logo to use on your own marketing materials.

We also have versions of the logo available in eps format. If you need the logo in this format, or would like a copy of our brand guidelines, please email the team.

We would appreciate seeing how you have incorporated the logo onto your materials – please share your examples with us. For this, and any other queries, please contact the team (020 7840 1030).

Spreading the message

As a Campaign Supporter you can help us spread the message about charitable giving in Wills.

There are some simple messages that you can incorporate on your marketing material, such as:

  • After looking after family and friends, please give a thought to your favourite charity when thinking about your will
  • You can use your will to look after everything that’s important to you, including charitable causes
  • A gift to charity in your will does not have to mean large amounts of money. A small gift can make a very real difference.