• December 2019

  • The Leprosy Mission Scotland

    The Leprosy Mission Scotland is part of a global partnership determined to eradicate this ancient disease once and for all. Still today approximately one person every two minutes is diagnosed with leprosy around the world. Many of them will already be disabled because of it; many more are at risk of developing a disability in […]

  • FRAME (Fund for the Replacement of Animals in Medical Experiments)

    FRAME is an independent charity committed to replacing the use of animals in scientific research. For the past 50 years FRAME have played an active part in researching and promoting alternatives to animal testing. FRAME is dedicated to the development of scientifically valid, human-relevant methods that will replace the need for laboratory animals in medical […]

  • Crossroads Care Surrey

    Our mission is to improve the quality of life of unpaid Carers in Surrey by enabling them to take time away from caring with peace of mind. This comes from the knowledge that the person with care needs is in good, reliable, safe hands. We will always put the interests of Carers and the people […]

  • October 2019

  • Alcohol Change UK

    Our vision is a world free from alcohol harm.

  • Saving Yorkshire’s Dogs Rescue

    Saving Yorkshire’s Dogs is a local, independent dog rescue in North Yorkshire, rescuing, rehabilitating and re-homing dogs that no one else wants.

  • September 2019

  • Hafal

    Hafal is Wales’ leading charity working with people affected by serious mental illness and their carers.

  • PTSD Resolution

    Charity for the mental welfare of Forces’ Veterans, Reservists and their families. Local therapy, through a national network. Prompt. Compassionate. Effective.

  • CMV Action

    CMV Action is a parent led national charity raising awareness of cCMV and campaigning for better prevention measures within our health service.

  • METRO Charity

    METRO Charity are an equality and diversity charity providing sexual and mental health services, HIV support & youth and community services to marginalised groups in London

  • CAIS

    CAIS empowers people affected by substance misuse, adverse mental health, unemployment, offending and other life challenges to make positive lifestyle changes.