Bevan Foundation

Charity Number: 1104191

Victoria Winckler

01685 350938

145a High Street, Merthyr Tydfil, CF47 8DP

The Bevan Foundation is Wales’ most innovative and influential think-tank, developing lasting solutions to social and economic problems.

Wales faces major challenges. One in four people in Wales are trapped in poverty, and too many people’s lives are blighted by inequality and injustice. The voices of the least well-off are often marginalized or ignored.

Our mission is to increase equality, prosperity and justice by tackling the root causes of problems.

We work with people living in challenging circumstances to understand the problems they experience. We develop innovative solutions and we persuade government, public bodies and businesses to take action.

A gift to the Bevan Foundation helps to build a better world for future generations to inherit – one where nobody struggles for the basics in life, where everyone can achieve their potential and in which nobody’s voice is ignored.

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