Dandelion Time

Charity Number: 1136613

Lauren Mewett

01622 814001


Dandelion Time, Elmscroft House, Charlton Lane, West Farleigh, Kent, ME15 ONY

Dandelion Time offers help to children with very challenging emotional issues, often resulting from trauma, violence or serious health difficulties in the family.

Our approach is family based and creates opportunities for new beginnings and improved relationships.The service recognises the importance of being in a peaceful natural environment, absorbing children in calming hands on activities. Therapists guide families to harness the healing powers of the natural world using materials such as wood, wool and clay, to care for animals and to grow and eat healthy food thus laying down new positive memories. This helps them to discuss and explore the difficulties they are facing and enables the wider family to come together to build stronger bonds. Children grow in confidence and resilience and have achieved remarkable and long lasting changes in their lives as a result of coming to Dandelion Time.

Your will is your wish… Help us make lasting change to the lives of vulnerable children.

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