Dog Aid Society of Scotland

Kitty Langley

0131 668 3633

60 Blackford Avenue, Edinburgh, EH9 3ER

The Dog Aid Society of Scotland re-homes dogs of all breeds on a home to home basis. We ask owners to look after their dog until the best new home can be found, alleviating the stress and anxiety a lot of dogs suffer when going into kennels. We have an extremely successful re-homing process as we match the dog to its new owner. We also support dogs we re-home that are 8 years and older by covering all non-routine veterinary bills for the remainder of their life. This is to increase the chance of finding the best forever home for them.

Through our Veterinary Aid Scheme, the Society helps dogs and their owners with unexpected vet bills as well as ongoing help with medication for conditions such as epilepsy and arthritis.

To reduce the number of unwanted litters, we also run a Neutering Scheme where owners who require help with the cost of getting their dog dressed can apply for a voucher towards this procedure.

All of our funding is by donations, memberships and legacies. Any help you can give the Society by remembering us in your Will goes towards helping dogs find new homes or receiving vital veterinary treatment.

Every dog is important to us, help the Dog Aid Society take care of dogs in need.

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