Family Holiday Association

Charity Number: 800262

Michael Smout

020 3117 0667

3 Gainsford Street, London , SE1 2NE

Almost 5 million children in the UK miss out on a break each year.

The Family Holiday Association is the only national charity dedicated to providing seaside breaks and day trips for children and their families struggling with some of the toughest challenges life can bring.

These families miss out on the positive benefits that spending time together away from the hardest of daily grinds.

The families we help struggle from issues such as severe and long-term illness, bereavement, mental health issues, disability and domestic violence.

Research shows that a break away results in stronger, healthier and happier families and communities.

The feedback we receive from families we help shows us that a holiday can lead to improved learning, attitudes and behaviour at school, education and paid work, with more proactive and positive attitudes towards other types of support such as marriage counselling.

We rely entirely on the goodwill and generosity of our donors, fundraisers and supporters.

Your gift will help improve the lives of struggling families by offering welcome respite from daily hardship, a new sense of optimism and hope for the future. Thank you for considering leaving a gift in your will and enriching families lives forever.

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