Help the Homeless

Charity Number: 271988

Terry Kenny

020 7323 7411

6th Floor, 248 Tottenham Court Road, London, W1T 7QZ

Help the Homeless was founded in 1975 with the principal aim of supporting the care and treatment of the single homeless.

The reasons for people being homeless vary enormously, but may include ill-health, those who are discharged offenders, drug and drink addicts or other adverse circumstances in their lives such as mental illness. Homelessness is not just about the people that the public sees and thinks about – principally “rough sleepers” living on the streets – but the whole range of people who lack a home.

Help the Homeless financially support hostels, drop-in centres and the like with small (and occasionally large) grants, especially to those organisations who seek to prepare people to take their place once more in society by becoming less dependent on charitable or state funding.

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