Imagine Independence

Charity Number: 1010203

Kimberley Mason

0151 709 2366

25 Hope Street, Liverpool, L1 9BQ

Imagine Independence’s mission is to value people, challenge stigma and transform lives.

At Imagine Independence we strive to support people with mental health needs and learning disabilities to achieve their goals.  We help people build their confidence in order to reach their full potential.  We highlight the importance of interests, skills, talents and ambitions; we do not believe any person is defined by their diagnosis or health condition.

We work with people to enable them to live a full and independent life.  We believe that everyone is entitled to have good mental and physical health, engage in meaningful activities, have positive relationships, a job, and a respected place in society.

Our vision is of a society where individuals are valued and respected for their unique worth as a human being, with no-one excluded based on outdated prejudice or misunderstanding.

Imagine Independence promotes the social inclusion of vulnerable people in the communities in which it works.  We do this by valuing people, supporting equity of access for all and helping to transform lives.

A gift in your Will makes a positive difference to the lives of the people we support.

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