Leukaemia UK

Charity Number: 1154856

Simona Abis

020 7299 0722


52 Portland Place, London , W1B 1NH

Leukaemia UK aims to find a cure for leukaemia (and other blood cancers) by translating research into new treatments as quickly as possible, so patients can live better, longer lives.

Research into treatment

Leukaemia UK funds leading research aimed at turning findings into clinical treatment to benefit patients as quickly as possible

Specialist cancer care

Leukaemia UK supports work helping doctors and nurses deliver latest patient care equal to the best in the world

Saving lives

Leukaemia UK backs clinical trials designed to bring pioneering and effective therapies to patients

Supporting scientists

Leukaemia UK nurtures future talent by helping fund ‘next-generation’ scientists and doctors at the forefront of developments

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