The National Trust for Scotland

Charity Number: N/A (England), SC007410 (Scotland)

Louise Stirton

0131 458 0285

Hermiston Quay, 5 Cultins Road, Edinburgh, EH11 4DF

The National Trust for Scotland is the only organisation in Scotland which protects the full breadth of Scottish heritage and culture, from wildlife habitats and landscapes to grand architecture and historic collections.

The scope of this work is huge, and can only continue thanks to support from our members, donors and those who remember us in their Will.

With their help we care for over 100 properties across 75,000 hectares of gardens, mountains, wilderness, coastlines and islands including the UKs only dual world heritage site of St Kilda. All of these special places are maintained for the enjoyment of visitors and managed sensitively for the benefit of the environment.

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