Prisoners’ Education Trust

Charity Number: 1084718

Cassie Edmiston

020 8648 7760

The Foundry, 17-19 Oval Way, London, SE11 5RR

Prisoners’ Education Trust (PET) supports prisoners to engage in rehabilitation through learning. The charity does this by providing distance learning courses, advice and support in subjects and levels not available in prisons.

PET also promotes and argues the case for prisoner education, carrying out research informed by prisoner learners, to improve policies and practice. PET’s work is proven by the Ministry of Justice to reduce reoffending. There are other positives effects both in prison and ‘through the gate’. Prison staff report that individuals are positively engaged, less disruptive and more supportive of their peers.

Prisoners have improved family relationships, as their families are proud of them and their achievements. Once they have left prison, individuals want to ‘give back’, and establish their own charities or social enterprises to help their communities. One such individual, Francis, told us ‘people comment on how much I have achieved since leaving prison and there is no question in my mind that much of that achievement can be laid at the door of PET who, despite never meeting me, had faith in what I could achieve.’

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