The Rossendale Trust Ltd

Charity Number: 1146771

Sue Heaven

01260 252216

Rossendale Trust Ltd, Hollin Lane, Sutton, Macclesfield, SK11 0HR

Your legacy will change the world for a person with a learning disability

Rossendale Trust provides care and support to adults with learning and some physical disabilities.

The people supported live as tenants in shared accommodation, being supported by our staff teams to live independently, making their own choices and having ownership of their lives. The 68 tenants supported have wide range of ability and disability, so the level of support varies to meet the needs of the individual.

It is a person-centred service, which puts the tenants at the centre of everything which we do.

The Trust has two further areas of service provision: a day activity service (‘Oakwood’) and supported employment (‘WorkTaste’).

Oakwood provides a person-centred range of activities and informal learning opportunities.  Working in small groups led by activity leaders, the Oakwood service is the most comprehensive and creative service in the area.

Funded entirely by donations, WorkTaste provides work experience opportunities for people who would not be able to make the huge step into ‘conventional’ supported employment.

Trained and experienced coaches work 1 to 1 with each person in the workplace, always promoting independent choices and actions.  WorkTaste has built a growing range of successful partnerships with businesses, services and organisations in the wider community.

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