Royal Society for Blind Children (RSBC)

Charity Number: 307892

Janelle Wright

0203 198 0213

52-58 Arcola Street, London, E8 2DJ

RSBC is on a mission to ensure that every VI child has access to the opportunities and experiences they want and deserve, so they can live a life without limit.

Every day in the UK, four children are diagnosed with life long, sight limiting conditions. There are currently an estimated 45,000 blind and vision impaired children and young people in the UK. Around 50% of vision impaired children and young people have additional special educational needs or disabilities.

But the consequences of sight loss in childhood go far beyond losing the ability to see. Studies show that many blind and vision impaired children won’t have a long-term job when they grow up and blind and vision impaired children are more likely to live on or below the poverty line than their sighted peers.

Blind and vision impaired children face an uphill struggle in terms of their social development, emotional wellbeing and ultimately their employment prospects. They have fewer opportunities to learn vital life skills and often a limited access to social experiences.

Legacies support a brighter future for blind children



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