The Geological Society of London

Charity Number: 210161

Jenny Boland

0207 434 9944

Burlington House, Piccadilly, London, W1J 0BG

The Geological Society’s mission is to support the work of geoscientists, inspire interest in the physical world and connect science, profession and society.

The Society’s main activities include:

Knowledge generation and dissemination: hosting conferences, specialist meetings and public lectures for academics, professionals, students and the public, awarding grants for research and disseminating research through publishing.
Developing the profession, from school to experienced professionals: accrediting university and company training courses, serving as a professional body for Charterships and supporting education through training, workshops, and guidance.
Managing libraries and heritage collections: preserving, cataloguing, digitising and conserving nationally and internationally important collections and making them accessible to the public.
Public outreach and engagement: collaborating and communicating with scientific communities, industry, government and international organisations, schools and the public, to address important scientific/cultural issues facing the world.

The Geological Society has 15 regional groups and 22 specialist groups across the UK that organise meetings, conferences and community outreach events. The Society also has c. 2,500 international members and strong global networks, particularly in China and India. The Society represents the UK in the International Union of Geological Sciences, and within Europe is the leading contributor to the work of the European Federation of Geologists.

Legacies are vital in enabling geologists to tackle the most important problems facing our Earth.

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