The Langham Partnership UK and Ireland

Charity Number: 1092233

Simon Foulds

07941 955985

Unit 5, Grearshill Road, Kingstown Industrial Estate, Carlisle, CA3 0ET

OUR VISION is to see churches in the Majority World equipped for mission and growing to maturity in Christ through the ministry of pastors and leaders who believe, teach and live by the Word of God.

OUR MISSION is to strengthen the ministry of the Word of God through:
1. Nurturing national movements for training in biblical preaching (Langham Preaching);
2. Multiplying the creation and distribution of evangelical literature (Langham Literature); and
3. Strengthening the theological training of pastors and leaders by qualified evangelical teachers (Langham Scholars).

Legacies are vital as together we equip the next generation of global church leaders.

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