The Wildlife Trusts

Charity Number: 207238

Sam Gee

01636 670082

The Kiln, Waterside, Mather Road, Newark, Nottinghamshire, NG24 1WT

The Wildlife Trusts’ vision is a UK rich in wildlife: water voles returning to our riverbanks, rocky reefs bursting with brightly coloured fish and the song of the skylark ringing out over wildflower meadows. People are part of this vision: school children learning about wildlife, farming that provides for people and wildlife, and families enjoying the natural world.

Your local Wildlife Trust is working to make this vision a reality near you by managing nature reserves, delivering large-scale habitat restoration, campaigning for wildlife and inspiring people about nature.

A gift in your will can help us to achieve this vision for wildlife and everyone. When the time is right please remember your local Wildlife Trust.

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