The Woodland Trust

Charity Number: 294344 (England), SC038885 (Scotland)

Vicky Furnival

0343 770 5643

Kempton Way, Grantham, NG31 6LL

The Woodland Trust, founded in 1972, is the UK’s largest woodland conservation charity with more than 1,000 wildlife-rich, native woods across the country.

Our work increases landscape resilience to challenges from climate change, pests, diseases and development. We protect and campaign on behalf of woods, plant trees, and restore ancient woodland, for the benefit of wildlife and people.

Everyone needs to love and value woods and trees; to use them, enjoy them, be inspired by them and ultimately, keep them safe for future generations.

One of the most meaningful ways people choose to make a difference to the future of woods and trees is by kindly remembering our work in their Will. More than a quarter of all our funding comes from gifts in Wills, enabling us to rescue, restore and create hundreds of woods.

A gift in a Will could become beautiful, new woodland, fight devastating tree diseases, help bring damaged ancient woods back from the brink or simply fund much-needed dormouse boxes – whatever you wish it to be.

After you have taken care of family and friends, please think about leaving a gift to protect the trees and woodlands you love today, for tomorrow and forever.

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