Vegetarian for Life

Charity Number: 1120687

Amanda Woodvine

0161 257 0887

83 Ducie St, Manchester, M1 2JQ

A person’s veganism or vegetarianism is protected by the same laws that safeguard religious and political beliefs. However, all too often a person’s commitment to veganism/vegetarianism is misunderstood, overlooked or seemingly disregarded when someone moves into a care setting.

So far, Vegetarian for Life has worked with over 1,300 care homes across the UK to help ensure that this changes. We work to give people peace of mind that their veganism and vegetarianism will be protected – whatever their age and ability.

Vegetarian for Life is the only charity in the world addressing these issues. Our work supports the rights of humans and animals, because we do everything possible to ensure that no one is forced to eat meat.

The charity’s activities include: working with catering staff to develop nutritious plant-based meal plans; engaging care workers to develop best practice when working with vegans and vegetarians; and leading the conversation on the key question – what happens if a vegan or vegetarian develops dementia?

We also provide a range of social services supporting older vegans and vegetarians, including a grants scheme to support independent living, free resources, and a pen- and phone-pal scheme that links isolated people across the UK.

Legacies help protect the rights of all older vegans and vegetarians in the UK.

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