Veterans Aid

Charity Number: 1095308

Dorothy Jones

0207 828 2468

27 Victoria Square, London, SW1W 0RB

Veterans Aid is a frontline, operational charity dedicated to helping ex-servicemen and women in crisis – regardless of age, ethnicity, rank, gender or length of service. It provides immediate, practical support based on individual needs and has been successfully transforming the lives of veterans in crisis since 1932.

The Charity’s primary goal is prevention, and by swift interventions it often manages to halt processes that would inevitably lead to homelessness, debt, addiction, family separation or social isolation. First actions can be as basic as provision of a hot meal, new clothing, assurance of help and (if required) the guarantee of safe, clean accommodation that same night.

Where prevention is not possible, and problems are already well established, Veterans Aid takes an holistic approach – carefully unlocking complex issues to establish the best way of providing long-term, sustainable solutions. Its philosophy is one of empowerment, by giving veterans a ‘hand-up’ rather than handouts; equipping them with the skills and strengths that will enable them to become independent again.
This may involve a stay in the Charity’s own hostel (typically 9.5 months), a period in detox/rehab, further education, skills training, counselling or simply payment of rent deposit to take away the threat of homelessness.

Last year Veterans Aid spent £32k on food for veterans in Crisis.

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