Improving internal communications

A good legacy strategy is one that is adopted throughout the charity. Here are some suggestions for publicising the campaign and the importance of legacies to your internal audience of trustees, senior managers, staff, stakeholders and volunteers:

  • Write a short article for staff newsletters announcing the campaign’s latest news, e.g. the latest TV campaign, PR activities or recent results and research
  • If your charity has recently become a member of the consortium, write a piece about why you joined
  • Brief your trustees, board members and senior managers on why you are involved in the campaign
  • Ensure that all trustees, staff and volunteers are aware of Remember A Charity Week and your charity’s involvement so that you can capitalise on the week’s activities
  • Play footage from the latest campaign to colleagues – including trustees and volunteers
  • Incorporate information about your charity’s involvement in the campaign into staff and volunteer inductions
  • Publish a briefing sheet for staff and volunteers using the key messages
  • Include information about the campaign on your charity’s Intranet
  • Set up face-to-face briefing meetings with groups and individuals