Key Performance Indicators

Our long-term aim is to motivate more people to leave a legacy in their will, but we know that behaviour change doesn’t happen overnight. To help us monitor the incremental changes in people’s attitudes and behaviour, we have set Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) based on Prochaska’s Stages of Change Model

This also allows us to monitor our own progress as the campaign moves forward. We don’t expect instant social change, but we expect a significant shift over time. And ultimately an increased number of new legacy donors.

The campaign measures KPIs in the following areas:

  • Awareness of the Remember A Charity message
  • Attitudinal changes among key audience groups towards charitable giving in wills
  • Behavioural changes among the key audience group towards leaving a charitable gift in a will
  • Frequency of prompting by professional will-writers.

Other areas that the campaign is measuring and tracking are:

  • Awareness of legacy communications
  • Website statistics
  • Media coverage
  • Number of member charities.