Strategic development

We undertook a review of our strategy in 2008 to help us achieve widespread behaviour change and to build on the success of previous years. After a full review of existing research in the sector, we commissioned research agency TNS to conduct a major report to more fully understand people’s motivations and barriers to legacy giving.

The insights from this research have been instrumental in driving our social marketing strategy and have informed our target audiences and communication strategies. The result was a new integrated campaign launched in Spring 2009, with a ‘family first, charity second’ approach. By using this approach we are making legacy giving relevant to ordinary people, whilst closing in on our ultimate aim of making gifts in wills a social norm.

By using Prochaska’s Stages of Change model we are able to measure people’s attitudes and behaviour around leaving a legacy and thereby measure the overall success of the campaign.

Our activity is aimed at both the consumer and professional will advisors, creating and capitalising on demand for future legacy giving.

We have also produced a strategic plan, covering our aims and objectives for the next four years from 2014-18.