Professional advisors

Professional advisors (probate solicitors and professional will writers) are a key audience for us in growing the legacy market. Recent research has shown a positive link between those advisors who always prompt their clients about charitable giving in Wills and the number of charitable Wills written. Our vision is that all professional advisors will prompt their clients about charitable giving in Wills during the Will writing process.

We have therefore launched a Campaign Supporter scheme aimed at professional advisors. It is free for advisors to join and details of all advisors will be displayed on Remember A Charity’s find a professional advisor section of our website. In return, we ask that all those signing up will always ask the philanthropic question of their clients.

We recognise that many of our member charities have links to probate solicitors. As part of our marketing activities, we are therefore asking our members to promote the scheme during the final stage of administration, if appropriate.

To help you we have put together a briefing document containing some draft copy that can be included in your final thank you letter. We also have available DL leaflets outlining the scheme, its benefits and how to join, that can be sent out.

If you would like to discuss any of the above and/or request some leaflets, please contact the team.