2018 Marketing Collateral Files

Please see below the links to download the editable marketing collateral files to help support your activities during Remember A Charity Week.

Please refer to the Personalisation Guidelines for tips on editing posters, emails and website copydownload


Personalised Illustration Posters

PDF of all illustrations – take a look to see which HUMAN illustration you would like to use – download

Illustration categories – We have grouped the members by the cause illustration we felt fitted best, but please let us know if you would like to use a different illustration on your charity page (NB. if you are a newer member you may not be on this list so please contact us to check) – download

Personalised Illustration Poster files – Download the open artwork files to personalise with your question, URL and logo. View files.

Unique Charity URLs – Please check this to ensure you are using the correct unique Human Search Engine URL on your posters – some charities will have been abbreviated  (NB. if you are a newer member you may not be on this list so please contact us to check) – download


Email Templates

Please use the files below to update the email template with your logo, charity question and unique URL, to share the campaign with your internal and external stakeholders.

For more details on how to use these files, please refer to the Personalisation Guidelines.

HTML file – This is for charities who have HTML capabilities. When you send the file to your developer they should know what to do with this, but if not, they need to open it in an HTML editor.

The animals HUMAN illustration within the HTML file is an example only, your developer will need to open the folder of ‘Header Images’ supplied (already set to size) and drop it in the HTML editor. Download.

InDesign file – You can edit this file in the same way you are editing the files for the posters and then send out as and how you want to. If you would like to adapt this email before sending out, please use this open artwork file. Download.

Photoshop File – This is for charities who use Photoshop instead of InDesign. Download.

Header Images – For your developer to be able to pull the relevant illustration image from. Download.



Generic Human Posters

Generic Human Poster – Option to Co-brand – Download zip file

Generic Human Poster – 2018 Week logo – Download zip file

Generic Human Poster – Regular Remember A Charity logo – Download zip file

T-shirt templatesDownload zip file


If you have any issues with any of the files, please contact us.

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