CHASE Africa provides hundreds of thousands of rights-based family planning and primary healthcare services to under-resourced communities in East Africa.

CHASE Africa and our local partners’ primary focus is removing barriers to sexual and reproductive health services. We ensure women and girls, men and boys, have a choice over the timing, number and spacing of their children.

Our innovative partnership model allows us to deliver efficient and scalable impact through established, locally based partner organisations.

Our model reaches hundreds of thousands of families, with services, advice and information each year through home visits from local Community Health Workers, outreach clinics and youth programmes.

We’re proud to have delivered over one million healthcare services, provided over 480,000 family planning services and distributed millions of free condoms over the last 10 years in Kenya and Uganda.

These services are particularly critical in East Africa. For example, almost two-thirds (63%) of pregnancies among adolescents aged 15–19 in Kenya are unintended, and 35% of those unintended pregnancies end in abortion. In Kenya nearly 5000 women and girls die annually due to pregnancy and childbirth complications. In Uganda in 2015–2019, there were a total of 2,420,000 pregnancies annually. Of these, 1,410,000 pregnancies were unintended and 418,000 ended in abortion, which are often unsafe. Abortion in Kenya and Uganda is legal only to save the pregnant person's life.

By improving the reproductive health of women, we can improve the health of families, communities and the wider environment. Not only do sexual and reproductive healthcare services save lives, but many argue that they are the cornerstone for poverty reduction, preventable deaths and gender equality.

Alongside critical sexual and reproductive healthcare interventions, CHASE Africa provides a fully inclusive primary healthcare service which is designed to reach the most vulnerable in society, including the elderly, frail and people with disability.

CHASE Africa believes that communities’ needs are not siloed: health, environment and livelihoods are all inter-linked. To recognise and address the complex relationships between people’s health and the environment, we partner with several conservation organisations to take an integrated community-based approach.

Together we sustainably manage natural resources, increase food security, improve livelihoods and both ecosystem and human health.

A legacy to CHASE Africa would give you the opportunity support us to change lives, improve health and give women choice for generations to come.

Through training provided by our local partner, Dandelion Africa, Venzetina was inspired to set up her own business running a shop in her village to support her family.
An outreach clinic in the Rwenzori foothills organised by our local partner RCRA Uganda

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