Cytomegalovirus (CMV) is a common virus that can affect people of all ages. Most health adults and children will have no signs or symptoms and no long-lasting effects. It can, however, be very dangerous to unborn babies and congenital CMV (cCMV), that is, if CMV is transferred from mother to unborn baby during pregnancy, is one of the main causes of children being born with permanent disabilities. It can also cause miscarriages and stillbirths.

As CMV is a relatively unknown condition, it is a common misconception that it is rare. In fact it is more common than Down’s syndrome, Toxoplasmosis, Spina Bifida or Cystic Fibrosis. 2-3 babies are born every day in the UK affected by cCMV, that is almost 1,000 babies a year.

CMV Action is a parent led national charity raising awareness of cCMV and campaigning for better prevention measures within our health service. We offer advice, support and friendship to anyone affected by cCMV and aim to educate professionals caring for pregnant women and women of child bearing age about reducing the risks of cCMV. We also support the development and implementation of research into better testing, treatment and management of CMV.

Our mission is to educate, vaccinate, eradicate.

Legacies help us to raise awareness of CMV allowing a pregnant woman to reduce the risks of passing on this virus to her unborn baby.

In this way, we will be able to reduce the 2-3 babies born in the UK every day damaged by CMV and the heartache that is often experienced by families as a result.

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