The Leprosy Mission Scotland is part of a global partnership determined to eradicate this ancient disease once and for all.

Still today approximately one person every two minutes is diagnosed with leprosy around the world. Many of them will already be disabled because of it; many more are at risk of developing a disability in the future. They face discrimination, stigma, poverty and fear.

We have a plan to eradicate leprosy, one person at a time – it’s as simple as Spot It; Treat It; Stop It.

Across Africa and Asia, local projects work to help people affected by leprosy to receive the treatment they need and to live safe, productive and dignified lives.

Ongoing research will find new ways to improve treatment and halt the spread of leprosy.

With your help we will end the transmission of leprosy by 2035 and then we will make leprosy a thing of the past completely.

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