From Austria to Australia

13 March 2015

In 1994, Ohio launched a campaign to encourage more people to leave a charitable gift in their Will.

From humble beginnings, Leave a Legacy’s greatest success was arguably its own legacy – inspiring the United States and then countries from around the world to make legacy giving the social norm.

I recently attended the first international alliance with many of the 16 legacy charity consortiums. We discussed the challenges and similarities that we face in our own countries.

From Austria to Australia, each campaign has found its own approach to growing the legacy market.

Countries such as Poland and Slovakia are already forming their own campaigns, learning from their European neighbours such as Remember A Charity.

The key is collaboration.

The focus is doing what no single charity can do on its own.

The impact has the potential to change giving on a global scale.

legacy campaigns

Rob Cope, director at Remember A Charity

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