Britain’s oldest stuntman recreates his near-fatal 1985 stunt

3 August 2011

Britain’s oldest stuntman survived a 40ft plunge from a burning building to raise awareness of charitable legacies.

Rocky Taylor, 64, suffered a fractured spine, pelvis and horrific burns when the scene went horrifically wrong on the set of Michael Winner’s 1985 thriller starring Charles Bronson.

But Rocky – who has doubled for Roger Moore and Sean Connery in James Bond films – exorcised his demons by executing the copycat stunt perfectly in front of hundreds of onlookers.

Today relieved Rocky of Cobham, Surrey, said: ”I was incredibly nervous when I was standing on the building with the flames behind me. It brought back everything which happened all those years ago. But it felt good to jump. It was something I had to do and I’m glad to have finally done it again and got it out of my system.”

Rocky threw himself off a building at Battersea Power Station in London yesterday evening. He re-enacted the stunt to help raise awareness of the importance of gifts in wills to charities.