64-year-old British stuntman on a mission to raise £1 billion for charity

12 July 2011

Legendary British stuntman Rocky Taylor will perform a series of live stunts in a bid to convince millions more people to leave a gift to charity in their will.

The campaign will be launched at a Leicester Square “film premiere” of Rocky’s life later today.  Rocky will then bring the excitement of Hollywood stunts live to London on 2nd August with the first event at Battersea Power Station.

Remember A Charity, the charity consortium behind the campaign, hopes to attract thousands of online viewers to watch the stunts live. Each stunt will be interactive, allowing the public to vote on Facebook to decide exactly how Rocky performs the stunts.

The first live stunt at Battersea Power Station on 2nd August will see Rocky recreate the stunt from Death Wish 3 that nearly killed him and hit the headlines in 1985.

Rocky Taylor has been a movie stuntman for over 40 years, appearing in nearly 150 films including Titanic, Indiana Jones, Harry Potter and Pirates of The Caribbean.

Far from retiring, he is currently juggling his role with Remember A Charity with filming the sequel to Clash of The Titans. He was also the first Honey Monster in the popular TV ads, taught Cliff Richard Judo for a film role and has been involved in the production of all 22 Bond movies.

Rob Cope, Remember A Charity’s Director, said: “Most charities couldn’t exist if it weren’t for the generous gifts left to them in people’s wills. But despite around 75% of the population regularly supporting a charity in their lifetimes, currently only 7%, after looking after friends and family, remember a charity in their will. If just a further 4% left similar gifts it would raise an additional £1billion a year for good causes, which is a phenomenal amount of money.“

Rocky Taylor added: “I’m thrilled to be involved in this campaign to raise awareness of charitable legacies. I don’t bounce like I used to, but I hope people will tune in and enjoy these stunts. As a stuntman, who’s faced danger throughout my career, I know the importance of writing a will and making sure the people that matter to me are looked after. Like everyone else, my family and friends will always come first, but I think it would be great if more people, like me, choose to leave a little of what’s left to their favourite charity – I know it would make a huge difference.”

From today, people will be able to follow Rocky Taylor’s progress as he prepares for his first stunt on Facebook.

The premier event at Leicester Square’s Prince Charles Cinema will include a new short film of Rocky’s life and his movie stunt showreel as well as a Q&A session with the man himself and a surprise stunt.