Charities respond to tsunami in North-Eastern Japan

11 March 2011

Japan has been hit by a 8.9 magnitude earthquake followed by a tsunami.

The disaster, which has caused major damage across North-Eastern Japan, has triggered tsunami warnings across the Pacific including Hawaii, the Philippines and the Pacific coast of Russia.

Member charities working overseas including Save the Children, Christian Aid and British Red Cross have responded to the disaster by offering support for victims and their families.

Save the Children have announced they are ready to meet the needs of children and their families affected by the tsunami, whilst Christian Aid have reported that their partners in the Philipinnes are already helping to evacuate the most vulnerable costal communities. People living in these communities have been warned to prepare for a tsunami wave at least one metre high along the east coast.

Partners of the British Red Cross in Japan, America and the Philipinnes have been working alongside the emergency services to support victims and evacuate high risk areas.