Daring diners sign up for deadly new restaurant

30 January 2013

Television presenter and food expert Gregg Wallace will front a quirky new restaurant to raise awareness of the importance of charitable gifts in Wills.Pop-up restaurant Café de Mort will open its doors next month, serving a range of deadly delicacies as part of a campaign by Remember A Charity.

Located in a central London church crypt, Café de Mort opens its doors for two nights only on 26 and 27 February. The menu remains a closely guarded secret but will feature delicacies from around the world. Each of the six dangerous dishes served will be potentially lethal if not prepared or cooked properly.

Despite the potential for peril on its plates, Café de Mort is virtually fully booked, with charity supporters and members of the public set to travel from across the UK for a taste of its killer cuisine. A few places are still available for people with an up to date Will and a sense of adventure.

Remember A Charity, the consortium of 140 charities behind the campaign, hopes that diners will be reminded of the unpredictability of life and the importance of taking care of friends, family and the causes they hold dear. After all, nobody knows the importance of a having a Will more than someone who could be about to eat their last meal.

Whilst three quarters of Britons regularly give to charity in their lifetimes, just 7% include a charity in their Will. Yet charities rely heavily on gifts in Wills, which bring in almost £2 billion each year, the equivalent of 19 Comic Reliefs. Many charities would not exist without this income and others would have to cut crucial services. Two out of three guide dogs and six out of ten life boat launches are paid for by gifts in Wills, as is over a third of Cancer Research UK’s life-saving work.

Gregg Wallace explained, “I’ve eaten all sorts of food in my time, but this is the first time I’ve actually had to put my life on the line! The menu is unlike anything I’ve ever tried. All the dishes are considered delicacies in one part of the world or another, but one slip in the kitchen could have deadly consequences. But I’m confident that our chefs won’t have any lethal lapses and I can’t wait to get stuck in.”

“Few people realise that gifts in Wills are vital to many of our favourite charities. We need to get more people thinking about leaving a gift once they’ve looked after their family and friends. Café de Mort is all about getting people to sit up and take notice. Hopefully they’ll still be sitting up by the time they get to their dessert.”

Rob Cope, Director of Remember A Charity, said, “Some people may think Café de Mort is a bit extreme but it’s hard to get people thinking about Wills and considering a gift to charity. The whole idea is clearly meant to be a little tongue in cheek. But there’s a serious message too. Gifts in Wills are hugely important to charities. We believe Café de Mort will raise a wry smile but will persuade many more people to think about leaving a gift to charity too.”

For further information and to find out how you can get involved please join the campaign on Facebook and Twitter.