First ever International Legacy Giving Day to take place as part of Remember A Charity Week

22 February 2011

A global alliance of charities will come together to raise awareness of charitable legacies when writing a Will.

Australia, Belgium, Canada, Spain, Ireland and Switzerland will join the UK for the first International Legacy Giving Day on Tuesday 13 September.

International Legacy Giving Day, which will take place during this year’s Remember A Charity Week, allows some of the world’s leading legacy consortiums to work together and learn from one another to raise awareness of legacies worldwide.

Australia’s leading legacy consortium, Include a Charity, Belgium’s Testament, Spain’s Legado Solidario, Ireland’s Legacy Promotion Ireland, Switzerland’s MyHappyEnd, Norway’s Soria Moria, Canada’s Leave-a-Legacy™ awareness campaign and Give Green Canada/Patrimoine Vert will join the UK’s Remember A Charity to mark International Legacy Giving Day.

Charities from around the world will organise activities throughout the day, working with will-writers and corporate partners. The awareness day will be used to promote gifts in wills internally among staff and externally to charity supporters.

Rob Cope, director of Remember A Charity, said: “Many of our most loved good causes would not exist without legacies. This is the first time that hundreds of charities from across the world are coming together to raise awareness of this vital form of giving.”

In the UK alone, charitable donations in wills create almost £2 billion for good causes each year. Remember A Charity currently works with over 150 member charities nationwide. The new international alliance will also allow the consortium to provide further support to members working overseas, including Save the Children and Christian Aid.

International Legacy Giving Day marks just one change in this year’s Remember A Charity Week, taking place from 12-18 September. This year’s week will also double its retail activity through its membership, promoting gifts in wills through more than 3,000 charity shops.

Australia’s Include a Charity, which recently signed its 107th member charity, will also broadcast tailored Remember A Charity TV adverts from 21 March.