Do you really want to live forever?

20 May 2014

Cross-charity organisation Remember A Charity has launched a new campaign to establish whether or not the nation would like to live forever.

Rather than just fuelling a hypothetical debate on immortality, the organisation, which encourages people to leave a charitable gift in their Will, is asking people to make the ultimate decision.

It is offering one lucky person the chance to make living forever a reality, with a bespoke insurance policy to cover being frozen in time until medical science can revive them.  Alternatively, for those who prefer a warmer existence, entrants have the opportunity to opt for a £1,000 donation to charity to help preserve the future of the things they care about, long after their own expiration date.

With interest in this experimental method of preservation from celebrities, including Simon Cowell, Larry King and Paris Hilton, and brought to life in films such as Vanilla Sky and Austin Powers, the ‘never say die’ cryonic technique has spurred many a debate over the past four decades.

Dr Max More, president and CEO, of the Alcor Life Extension Foundation, has spent 28 years studying this unique science. He said: “We see cryonics as an extension of emergency medicine. When a patient’s condition exceeds the ability of today’s medicine to rescue them, we step in and protect the cells while deeply cooling the patient. At minus 320 Fahrenheit you can persist without change for decades or even centuries. At some point science may be able to revive you in a healthy, rejuvenated body.

“Life is good. If you had a currently incurable fatal condition, cryonics is one way for you and your loved ones to have a chance to continue to live, love, produce, create, and enjoy.”

The cryonics process leaves much to the imagination, from the technique itself to the unknown of ‘what’s next?’ For some, having a second go at life or perhaps meeting their great-great grandchildren is more than intriguing, but for others it’s a life-extension that’s both unappealing and merely scientific hearsay.

However, Remember A Charity’s Live Forever campaign fuels debate about more than immortality, instead it opens up a forum of discussion around how making preparations now can help the things we really care about to live on when we’re no longer around.

Rob Cope, Director at Remember A Charity said: “Leaving a gift in a Will isn’t an easy topic to tackle, however, posing the question ‘do you want to live forever’ does make it a little easier to handle. We hope this campaign makes it clear that freezing yourself isn’t the only way to live forever. After taking care of your loved ones, including your favourite charity in your Will will help ensure the things you care about can live on.”

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