Remember A Charity to reduce fees for new campaign phase

9 December 2008

Remember A Charity is to offer a 15% reduction on membership fees, fixed for a two-year period.

The offer is available to existing and new members and will come into effect on 01 April 2009.

The membership fee reduction comes after a commitment made by Remember A Charity’s steering group in the summer to review the Campaign’s fee model.

The Campaign has created a fund to launch the new campaign using reserves built up through the receipt of a legacy worth over £900,000 and savings made throughout the year. A business as usual strategy has continued but without TV for the past year.

Stephen George, Chair of Remember A Charity, commented: “We’ve looked long and hard at a number of different models for basing the fees on. In each model there were charities whose fees would decrease, stay the same, or indeed even increase. No new model was any fairer – so we have decided to reduce substantially the fees across the board.”

“We are also conscious of the way the world’s financial climate has fundamentally changed over the last six months. Given this, we felt strongly that we did not want any charity to have an increase in fees and wanted to create some stability ” said Stephen.

“The fee reduction, frozen for 2 years allows us to launch an exciting new phase and to look for further funds to boost the campaigns reach as we move forward”.

Remember A Charity is preparing to launch a new insight driven campaign based on a social marketing approach that focuses on understanding and changing behaviour. The overall aim of the campaign is to make charitable giving when writing a will the social norm.