Twiggy: my fondest memories as a mod

15 September 2017

Fashion icon Twiggy has revealed her fondest memories and tunes growing up as a mod in 1960s London.

She shares her memories and “a load of tunes that mean a lot to me” for Remember A Charity’s Last Pirate FM, revealing her favourite charities and why she supports them.

Twiggy recalls back in 1963 when she “met a very annoying grocery boy called Keith” who “used to tease me” but “a rather brilliant drummer”.

“Keith went on to join a band and that band was The Who.” Twiggy chooses The Who’s I Can’t Explain as one of her fondest records from the sixties.

Twiggy also reveals to Last Pirate FM why a boy chose a scooter instead of her, as “he couldn’t afford me and a scooter, so he was going for a scooter”.

“I was a mod in 1960s London, and I was asked out on a date.  I thought he was rather lovely, and it was all very innocent because we were very young. I thought he was going to call me the next week and ask me to go [to the cinema] again, and he called me and said he couldn’t afford me and the scooter, so he was going for the scooter.

“But on the first date, he brought me a record and that record was Peter & Gordon’s First A World Without Love”.

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