World’s first charity-powered search engine answers life’s biggest questions

26 June 2018

– Campaign will call on public to ‘Pass On Something Wonderful’- 

This September, 200 charities are coming together to launch Human – the world’s first charity-powered search engine.

Charities selected the big questions most important to their supporters and beneficiaries, and recorded their responses as short videos.

Visitors to Human can explore these videos and find real answers to over 100 questions, such as ‘How can we cure the deadliest common cancers?’ and ‘How can we help every animal find a home?’

Human demonstrates charities’ pivotal role in helping to solve some of the biggest challenges facing humanity, and how the public can help, by leaving a gift in their Will.

Rob Cope, Director of Remember A Charity, says: Every day people use Google to find the answers to their questions, but it’s real people and charities we turn to when we want answers to life’s biggest challenges. 

“This campaign has been designed to showcase just how vital charities are in responding to many of the world’s biggest problems and how legacies can help combat those issues. It will encourage the public to think about their deepest concerns for the world we live in and to consider leaving a gift in their will.

“For charities, it’s a unique opportunity to talk with supporters about the importance of charitable bequests when it comes to enabling them to achieve their goals. We hope to encourage even more charities to sign up and take part in the coming weeks.”

2018 marks the ninth year of Remember A Charity Week, during which charities, government and stakeholders will all come together to highlight the importance of legacy giving. The search engine is part of a broader public awareness drive, which showcases the impact of legacy donations and calls on the public to ‘pass on something wonderful’.

Remember A Charity is providing a range of legacy promotion materials, media and social tools for member charities to use and tailor to their cause. They will also be provided with their own branded webpage and unique URL as part of the search engine.

Charities are encouraged to join the 200-strong consortium ahead of this year’s awareness week and further strengthen the sector’s collective voice for legacy giving.